When it comes to Fertility Awareness Methods there is no "one size fits all", which is why I am pleased to be able to offer 2 different methods to make sure that, regardless of whether you're struggling with infertility or unexplainable fertility, whether you want to save money or hate the idea of touching mucus, I have something that will work for you! See my descriptions below or schedule a FREE consultation and I'm happy to help you trouble shoot which method would work best for you!

Marquette Method Natural Family Planning


Marquette Method is a sympto-hormonal Natural Family Planning method that measures female urinary hormones in conjunction with evidence-based algorithms to offer a more objective approach to family planning and reproductive health. Clients have the option of incorporating additional fertility indicators, such as cervical mucus, basal body temperature and progesterone testing to tailor to their fertility needs.

***The Archdiocese of Denver would like you to complete 3 sessions of the Marquette Method of NFP to fulfill the marriage preparation requirement***

Creighton Model Natural Family Planning 

The Creighton Model is a mucus based model which uses a standardized observation and charting of biological markers (cervical mucus) that are essential to a woman’s health and fertility. These “biomarkers” tell the couple when they are naturally fertile and infertile, allowing the couple to use the system either to achieve or to avoid pregnancy. This system also works closely with NaPro technology to be able to identify and treat women’s health issues such as infertility, PCOS, irregular bleeding, repeated miscarriage, and postpartum depression.

*** The Archdiocese of Denver would like you to complete the Introductory Session plus 5 follow ups of Creighton Model of NFP to fulfill the marriage preparation requirement***