Marquette Model

Natural Family Planning

Includes Introductory Session and at least 2 follow ups 
Also includes whatever other email/phone/meeting support is needed for a full year
Does not include monitor or test strips (details of supplies found here)

Marquette Model is a Natural Family Planning method that uses the hormonal monitoring technology of the Clearblue Fertility Monitor to help a woman determine her fertile window.  This can be used alone or in conjunction with mucus observations, additional LH test strips, basal body temperature monitoring, or progesterone test strips, which is why it is can be called a Sympto-Hormonal Method of NFP. 

The Clearblue Fertility Monitor looks specifically for metabolites of two different hormones (estrogen and leuteinizing hormone (LH) that can be found in a woman's urine. The monitor then uses this information to give very objective data to help determine the fertile window; Low (no estrogen or LH detected), High (estrogen detected indicating fertility), or Peak (LH detecting indicating ovulation).  This monitor data is used, along with a calendar algorithm, to determine the beginning and end of a woman's fertile window. 

In a recent study (Fehring & Schneider, 2017) , the unintended pregnancy rate of using the Marquette Method was around 2%!  This means that (decreasing the number of participants for ease of understanding), out of a group of 100 women, 2 of them became pregnant while following the instructions they were given.  Each method will have their own effectiveness rates and you can find many of them in this study.   

Marquette Method is also very flexible. There have been studies done and protocols written to enable the monitor to be used in conjugation with other biomarkers described above.  Each of these options should be discussed with your instructor and used with the correct protocol provided or clients with the password can find these protocols here